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Nature Masterclass Course – Research Integrity: Publication Ethics


Research Integrity: Publication Ethics assists researchers to master the essential steps for publishing work with the highest standards of integrity.

By providing practical strategies to implement editorial policies the course serves as a toolbox, enabling researchers to navigate the whole writing and publishing process. 

This training course supports researchers in publishing with integrity, allowing them to confidently contribute to the scientific record.

What you’ll learn 

  • How to select a reputable journal and locate editorial policies and ethical guidance
  • Maintain image and data integrity and availability
  • Reuse material with appropriate permissions
  • Properly cite your own work and that of others
  • Avoid common authorship disputes
  • Make relevant declarations about your research and publication, including conflicts of interest
  • Appropriately navigate revisions
  • Address post-publication issues

This is a course in the Nature Masterclasses, for which Penn has an institutional subscription. For a broad overview and guide to accessing the courses, see Nature Masterclasses: Overview.

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