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Discover all you need to know to achieve your research goals as a postdoc at Penn.

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Tools & Systems

SPIN Database

Funding opportunity database that provides information on funding sources with over 40,000 funding opportunities listed.

Top FAQs for Postdocs

What training is required by the university for postdoc appointments?
Postdocs should complete the responsible conduct of research (RCR) training. There will be training required for specific kinds of research and they should discuss with their faculty mentor as well as explore the offices relavant to their research (e.g. IRB, Biosafety, etc).
How long is the typical postdoc appointment?
Postdocs can be appointed for one year at a time and for up to five years, depending on prior experience. Information on appointments can be reviewed in the postdoctoral policy.
How can Penn support growth in my skills as a researcher?
Nature Masterclasses is an institutional wide resource available to anyone with a Penn Key. Online classes from Nature Journals offer professional development in a range of topics related to research such as identifying funding opportunities, writing a grant proposal, managing data, and presenting your research.
What do Postdocs need to do in their first week at Penn?
Start by reviewing information on the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs’ website and reading through the onboarding section. Postdocs should also reach out to their departmental BA to get school specific information on their appointment and position as well as meet with the faculty mentor to establish goals for their research and training.

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