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A Note from the SVPR

Dawn Bonnell is the Senior Vice Provost for Research at the University of Pennsylvania. In this capacity, Dr. Bonnell shapes policy and advances administrative initiatives for the University’s $1.4 billion research enterprise as well as plays a leadership role in strategic planning for research and administers the development of new research facilities.

Dear Colleagues,

As we continually navigate the complexities and challenges that come with groundbreaking
research, I am motivated daily by the remarkable accomplishments our research community
has achieved. Your contributions have not only elevated Penn but have also made a significant
impact on the wider world.

Our goal in the OVPR is to foster your research endeavors and make new paths of discovery
possible. To complement the support of your schools, the redesigned website is built as a
centralized launching pad to help with facilitating your work, offering streamlined access to
resource information such as funding opportunities as well as essential compliance guidance.
We encourage you to explore what the site has to offer and share your insights, which are
invaluable in shaping its future development.

The strength of our research community lies in its collective expertise and commitment. I want
to extend my deepest gratitude for your pursuit of knowledge and your contributions to Penn.