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Top FAQs for Faculty

How can I get started on a research project that involves community members?
The Community Engagement Research Core (part of ITMAT) is a resource at Penn that offers “consultation on community engagement, training in participatory research methods, and assistance with community translation activities”.
How do I transfer equipment out of the United States?
An export license may be required to ship or hand-carry items or equipment out of the U.S. The need for a license is dependent upon the nature of the equipment, as well as the end-use, recipient, and destination of the equipment. Additionally, even temporary export of equipment to some locations may incur customs tax obligations. Due to complexities of the requirements you should consult the Office of Export Compliance for assistance regarding shipping or traveling with equipment internationally.
How do I go about patenting a discovery or innovation?
The first step is to discuss with a PCI Licensing Office at the Penn Center for Innovation. You can identify the key contact based on your school who has the expertise necessary to answer your questions and guide you through the process.
Who can help me with developing a data management plan?
Best practices on developing a data management as well as a list of resources available to help manage data are available on the Penn Libraries website.
How can I find funding opportunities that align with my research interests?

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