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Nature Masterclass Course – Networking for Researchers


Networking for Researchers covers the key elements needed to acquire or perfect effective professional networking skills for scientific researchers. In this course, you will discover how building a professional network will benefit your research and career, and learn the skills to build and maintain networking connections in a variety of settings, both in-person and online.

What you’ll learn

  • The theory behind and the importance of networking, and how to use your research and career goals to guide you to find appropriate networking opportunities 
  • How to research and prepare key resources to help you build an effective network 
  • Strategies to approach and connect with potential contacts, and how to follow up – both in person and online
  • Strategies for nurturing your networking contacts, and how to leverage them to advance your research and career

This is a course in the Nature Masterclasses, for which Penn has an institutional subscription. For a broad overview and guide to accessing the courses, see Nature Masterclasses: Overview.

For more information on this course, click the link below:

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