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Nature Masterclass Course – Increasing your Visibility as a Researcher Using Social Media

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Do you already use social media to share your latest findings, but struggle to make yourself visible to a wider audience? Are you actively figuring out creative ways to get people interested in your scientific contributions and grow your network? You may already have taken our courses “Effective Science Communication” and “Networking for Researchers” to build your academic presence; however, establishing a meaningful presence online requires not only patience, but also social media acumen sharpened over time.

Extending your reach on social media can help you open the door to grants, collaborations, or your next (academic) position – opportunities that might not have been possible otherwise. 

In this webinar recording, social media expert and rising cosmologist Sophia Gad-Nasr shares her insight into building a meaningful social media presence as a scientist over time. She also discusses how researchers can use social media to their greater advantage.

This is a course in the Nature Masterclasses, for which Penn has an institutional subscription. For a broad overview and guide to accessing other available courses, see Nature Masterclasses: Overview.

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