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The Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) is responsible for technology transfer, fostering collaboration with the industry, and driving entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Every day, research activities at Penn result in exciting scientific breakthroughs and technological advances that may have significant commercial potential. The goal is to work together with Penn faculty, researchers, and students to advance these discoveries and ideas towards new products, services, and/or businesses that provide benefits back to Penn, its inventors, and society. PCI actively facilitates a broad range of technology development connections between Penn and the private sector. Whether the end result is a technology license, an R&D alliance, or the formation of a new venture, PCI serves as a dedicated one-stop shop for commercial partnering with Penn. PCI also supports the broader innovation and entrepreneurship community at Penn through education, programs and events, and active support and participation in the Pennovation Center and Pennovation Works.

Penn faculty members and other Penn researchers interested in discussing new discoveries or aspects of their research that might have commercial potential are encouraged to contact PCI. Similarly, companies, investors and entrepreneurs interested in Penn technologies, research programs, startups or partnering with PCI can learn more through our website.


Ben Dibling, PhD

Associate Vice Provost for Research & Managing Director, PCI

James Bowen, PhD

Executive Director, Corporate Alliances

Michael Poisel, MS, MBA

Executive Director, PCI Ventures

Jennifer Langenberger

Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director, IP

Jay Abramovitz

Chief Financial Officer

Laurie Actman

Chief Marketing, Communications and Programs Officer

Kate Donohue, Esq

Director Legal Affairs

Key Contacts