Other Research-Related Training

Penn offers numerous programs for educating research personnel.

Workday Learning connects University faculty, postdocs, staff, students, and other workers and affiliates with their required job-related training and learning opportunities directly from Workday, the University’s human capital management platform.

Human Subject Research Training: The Institutional Review Board mandates training for investigators, research staff, and students engaged in human research.

Animal Research Training: The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee requires that all personnel involved in animal use and research be appropriately trained and qualified. Personnel who will handle animals must complete hands-on training classes provided by University Laboratory Animal Resources.

Sponsored Research Training: The Office of Research Services sponsors mandatory and optional training programs for all individuals involved in sponsored research activities.

Safety: The Office of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety has training programs for all personnel who work in research laboratories, or work with hazardous substances, radioactive materials or radiation producing equipment