Spring 2019: University Research Foundation Awards

SPRING 2019: URF Awards

In the recent Spring 2019 cycle of Penn’s internally-funded University Research Foundation, URF, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research has announced awards to the following members of the faculty for the projects listed below. Conference and Impact Seminar Support are noted with an asterisk (*).

  • Jaimo Ahn, PSOM, Characterization of a critical bone progenitor population in the aging skeleton
  • Masoud Akbarzadeh, Design, High-performance compression-only modular hollow glass structures: innovative engineering and use of material for ultra-transparent long-span structures
  • Paulo Arratia, SEAS, High-Throughput Microfluidic Device for Precision-Targeted Multigenetic Functional Genomics
  • Roberto Bonasio, PSOM, Regulation of social behavior by oxytocin in ants
  • *Kathleen Brown, SAS, The Penn & Slavery Project Campus Tour: Reimagining Penn’s History through Augmented Reality
  • Sanjeev Chawla, PSOM, Ultrahigh-field MR Imaging Identification of IDH Mutant Glioma Patients with Poor Prognosis
  • *Karen Detlefson, SAS, Early Modern European Woman Philosophers
  • Nathaniel Dyment, PSOM, Defining the functional role of a unique cell population during tendon fibrillogenesis
  • Christopher Favilla, PSOM, Personalized Patient and Caregiver Education after Stroke
  • *Roquinaldo Ferreira, SAS, Empire, Sovereignty, and Labor in the Age of Global Abolition
  • Marc Fuccillo, PSOM, Bridging the gap between synaptic and network dysfunction in mouse neuropsychiatric disease models
  • Vivian Gadsden, GSE, Building Evidence-based Data Models for Philadelphia to Enhance Child, Family and Community School Readiness
  • Juan Sebastian Gil Riano, SAS, Redeeming Race?: Anti-Racist Science and Postcolonial Development in the Twentieth Century
  • *Glenda Goodman, SAS, American Contact: Intercultural Encounter and the History of the Book
  • Deep Jariwala, SEAS, Atomically-thin Electronic Materials as New Tools for Cell-Stimulation
  • *Anna Kashina, SVM, Posttranslational Biology Symposium
  • *David Kazanjian, SAS, New Directions in Armenian Studies
  • Daeyeon Lee, SEAS, Anti-Fouling and Self-Cleaning Hollow Fiber Ceramic Membranes for Solar Desalination
  • *Marc Meredith, SAS, 2019 Election Sciences, Reform and Administration (ESRA) conference
  • *Projit Mukharji, SAS, Collaborative Pedagogies in the Global History of Science
  • *Rahul Mukherjee, SAS, Elemental Archives: Environmental Research in Documentary Arts
  • Kavindra Nath, PSOM, Optimization of Therapeutic response in Metastatic-Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
  • Amy Offner, SAS, The Disappearing Worker
  • *Donovan Schaefer, SAS, Material Secularisms
  • Howard Stevenson, GSE, When “other” becomes “self”. Virtual reality’s role in reducing implicit racism and fostering positive attitude and helping behaviors towards African American Youth
  • Alan Stocker, SAS, Understanding visual working memory formation
  • Julia Verkholantsev, SAS, Medieval Etymology and the Writing of History, Monograph
  • *Jeremy Wang, SVM, Penn Vet SSC Transplantation 25th Anniversary Symposium
  • *Doug Wiebe, PSOM, Reframing Injury as a Biopsychosocial Disease to “Stop it, Fix it, and Live on”
  • *Dagmawi Woubshet, SAS, The Legacy of 1619: The 2019 Annual Callaloo Conference
  • Richard Zettler, SAS, Building a Regional Chronology: Excavations at Gird-i Dasht in the Soran District, Iraqi Kurdistan



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