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Hosting Foreign Visitors | for International Partners

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Penn fully supports the hosting of visiting scholars and researchers from abroad.

A few quick checks can help make foreign visitors time at Penn go smoothly, particularly for those working in STEM areas:

  • Perform restricted party screening on both the individual visitor and the home institution/entity prior to issuing the invitation to visit Penn. Contact your BA to get the screening completed. You and /or your BA can consult Penn’s Office of Export Compliance ( if there are any questions about the screening results.
  • For assistance with visa sponsorship, contact Penn’s International Students and Scholar Services office.
  • Ensure that confidential information / undisclosed IP is not shared without appropriate protections in place (Non-Disclosure Agreement or Participation Agreement).
  • Contact Penn’s Office of Export Compliance if visitors will have access to projects with active Technology Control Plans.
  • Make sure that any applicable technology control plans are followed.
  • Foreign visitors who will be supporting a faculty member’s research endeavors should be disclosed as Other Support.