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University Laboratory Animal Resources


University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR) is a campus-wide research service organization that provides daily animal husbandry, veterinary care and diagnostic services.

ULAR provides veterinary care, animal husbandry, diagnostic, training, and regulatory support for the academic schools that conduct biomedical research at the University of Pennsylvania. The department includes over 200 individuals who contribute directly to the animal care program. ULAR also plays an essential role in supporting academic training for laboratory animal veterinarians. ULAR, in conjunction with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, strives to maintain an elevated standard of animal welfare at Penn.


F. Claire Hankenson

Associate Vice Provost for Research and Executive Director

Angela K. Brice

Director for Diagnostic Services & Rodent Quality Assurance

Derrick A. Dow

Director of Vivarial Facilities & Planning

Raimon Duran-Struuck

Director for Regulatory Support and Co-Director Residency Program

Angela Goldston

Director of Business Services

Odell D. Jones

Director for Husbandry Operations

Blythe Philips

Director for Veterinary Clinical Care

Susan Rosati

Director of Training Education and Wellness

Key Contacts