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PennERA Upgrade: April 2020

We would like to inform all Penn Faculty of important upgrades to PennEra that are currently in progress and have a targeted implementation date of April 2020.

These upgrades will enhance the user experience, increase functionality, and improve overall system responsiveness for all groups who access the system.

Currently PennERA stores more than 40 years of proposals, including funded and unfunded ones. This volume of stored data slows down the system. In anticipation of the upgrades, old data will be cleaned up and removed from the system. The cleanup includes removal of records for unfunded proposals older than 7 years as well as projects closed more than 7 years ago.

More recent proposals remain in the system. Data from removed proposals that was originally stored in the Data Warehouse is still available. Should the need arise, the PennERA team and department staff can access the information. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Missy Peloso at

We will continue to inform the Penn community of additional changes that affect research policies and procedures.

Dawn Bonnell, Vice Provost for Research