Limited Submission Opportunities

For certain funding opportunities investigators will find that the University as a whole can only a finite number of applications. The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) coordinates the selection process for grant competitions in instances where a limited number of applications are accepted.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) coordinates the selection process for grant competitions, in instances where a limited number of applications are accepted from the University of Pennsylvania. These opportunities are listed in the table below. In general the process involves the following steps:

  • The Dean’s office (or his/her designee) of each school nominates potential candidates, no more than the number permitted for the whole University. Usually, each School requests potential nominees from their Departments which are due on the school deadline in the table.
  • Nominees are forwarded to the OVPR usually with a short account of proposed research, CV, and any other supporting information pertinent to that request for applications. The deadline for receipt by the OVPR is in the table below.
  • Candidates are selected, often on the advice of a committee of faculty and research Deans convened by the VPR.
  • Schools and candidates are notified to prepare applications, which are then processed through the Office of Research Services, following procedures standard for all grant and contract applications.
  • In addition to University-wide opportunities, there are some instances of awards that are coordinated by a single School and these may be found under the websites for the individual schools.

The tabular listing is provided to assist individual Schools in planning ahead for each competition. However, please be advised that agency deadlines and internal deadlines are subject to change.

Award    Funding InstitutionApplicantsPeriodBudgetOVPR deadline   External Deadline Status
Blavatnik Awards for Young ScientistsBlavatnik Family Foundation1 nominee / category / institution$250,000 Nov.162018 Nominees Selected
Scientific Innovation AwardsBrain Research Foundation1 nominee / institution2 yr$75,000 / yrJuly 12018 Nominees Selected
Fay/Frank Seed Grant ProgramBrain Research Foundation1 LOIs / invited institutions1 yr$50,000Jan 4To be announced
David Mahoney Neuroimaging ProgramCharles A. Dana Foundation1 application / institution3 yr$300,000To be announced
Science and Technology Centers (STC)National Science Foundation3 applications / institution5 yrTBA
Fellowhips for Science and EngineeringDavid and Lucille Packard Foundation2 applications5 yr$875,0002018 Nominees Selected
Mallinckrodt's Scholar ProgramEdward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation1 application1 yr$60,000August 12018 Nominee Selected
Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research AwardHartwell Foundation2 application / invited institutions3 yr$100,000 / yrSeptember 152018 Nominees selected
The Macy Faculty Scholars ProgramThe Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation1 application / health and medical schools1 yr$100,000To be announced
Allen Distinguished Investigator ProgramPaul G. Allen Family Foundation2 submissions / institution3 yr$1 - $2 million
Pew Scholars in the Biomedical SciencesPew Charitable Trusts1 application / institution 4 yr$60,000 / yrJuly 152019 Nominee Selected
Rita Allen Foundation Scholars ProgramRita Allen Foundation1 application / invited institutions5 yr$110,000 / yrAugust 2Sept 122019 In progress
Investigators in Mathematics, Physics and Theoretical Computer ScienceSimons Foundation2 application / field of research5 yr$100,000 / yrAugust 24Oct 312019 In progress
Investigators in Mathematical Modeling of Living SystemsSimons Foundation1 application / institution5 yr$100,000 / yrAugust 24Oct 312019 In progress
Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards ProgramThe Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation1 application / institution1 yr$75,000Feb 102018 TBA
Searle Scholars Program in the Biomedical SciencesThe Kinship Foundation1 application / invited institutions3 yr$100,000 / yrJuly 6Sept 302018 In Progress
Research FoundationUniversity of Pennsylvania Foundation1 yrvariesTo be announced
Program for Science and EngineeringW.M. Keck FoundationInvited institutions1 - 5 yr$500,000 - $5milMay 22Nov 12018 in progress
Program for Medical SciencesW.M. Keck FoundationInvited institutions1 - 5 yr$500,000 - $5milMay 22Nov 12018 In progress
Research Award for Cardiovascular DiseaseW.W. Smith Charitable Trust1 application1 yr$70,000 - $120,000May 17July 152018 Nominee Selected
Research Award for AIDSW.W. Smith Charitable Trust1 application1 yr$70,000 - $120,000May 17July 152018 Nominee Selected
Research Award for CancerW.W. Smith Charitable Trust1 application1 yr$70,000 - $120,000May 17July152018 Nominee Selected

Penn investigators interested in applying for a limited funding opportunity should contact their School representative or OVPR at

Patricia LindnerAnnenbergSenior Director of Finance
Helen Mitchell-SearsEducationDirector of Sponsored Programs
R. Polk WagnerLawAssociate Dean
Larry GladneyArts and SciencesAssociate Dean, Natural Sciences
Dana GravesDental MedicineAssociate Dean for Translational Research
Chris CataldoDesignDirector of Finance
Kathleen StebeEngineering & Applied ScienceDeputy Dean for Research
Jon EpsteinMedicineExecutive Vice Dean for Research
Therese RichmondNursingAssociate Dean for Research
Laura Nickrosz Social Policy and PracticeChief of Staff
Phil ScottVeterinary MedicineAssociate Dean for Research
Emily CieriWhartonChief of Staff to Dean


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