Contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Research

1 College Hall, Suite 118
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
19104-6303 USA


Dawn Bonnell
Senior Vice Provost for Research
More Information
Domenick Klein, JD
Regulatory Compliance Officer
Joanne Rosenthal, BSN, JD
Assoc Vice Provost for Research,
Associate Counsel
Michael Borda
Associate Vice Provost for Research, Strategic Initiatives
Pat O’Gorman
Senior Systems Analyst
Diane Rosecrans Wender, JD
Research Integrity Officer
Kimberly Craig, BSN, JD
Research Compliance Officer
Annie Pulaski
Administrative Coordinator
Richard Shellenberger
FCOI Program Coordinator
Sez Giulian
Associate Director, Information Systems
Josie Shaffer Rook
Associate Vice Provost for Research
Sam Kessler
Staff Assistant