OVPR Contact List

Marta Bartholomew

Director of Research Programs and Communications

Michael Borda

Associate Vice Provost for Research, Strategic Initiatives

Kimberly Craig, BSN, JD

Research Compliance Officer

Meredith Domzalski

Staff Assistant to the Senior Vice Provost for Research

Claire Hankenson, DVM

Associate Vice Provost for Research Executive Director, University Laboratory Animal Resources

Domenick Klein, JD

Regulatory Compliance Officer

Neil Kuster

Program Coordinator, Research Integrity Office

James McGonigle

Director of Research Support and Development

Pat O’Gorman

Senior Systems Analyst

Elizabeth Peloso

Associate Vice President & Associate Vice Provost Office of Research Services

Gregory Reinhard, DVM

Director, Office of Animal Welfare

Josie Shaffer Rook

Senior Advisor to the Senior Vice Provost for Research

Joanne Rosenthal, BSN, JD

Assoc Vice Provost for Research, Associate Counsel

John S. Swartley

Associate Vice Provost for Research Managing Director, PCI

Diane Rosecrans Wender, JD

Research Integrity Officer

Victor Williams

Director, Research Systems

Jessica Yoos

Director, Human Research Protections