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Research Resumption: Spring Semester

The Spring Semester Plan outlines research requirements during COVID-19, effective January 11, 2021. The majority of the requirements in the Phase II and Fall Semester plans remain in place during the Spring Semester Phase. These include the requirements for school and faculty research resumption plan approval, exception approval for research related travel, office use approval, field work approval, and processes for clinical and non-clinical studies involving human subjects.

Members of your lab and research program may require new training or PennOpen Pass daily symptom attestation  For information on how it works, answers to frequently asked questions, the privacy policy, and other resources, visit the website.

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As schools release their unique and updated Research Resumption plans, they will become available at the bottom of this page. 

Procuring PPE & Supplies

Critical supplies will be available to those returning to campus, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and additional supplies related to COVID-19 safety. Procurement through the Penn Marketplace leverages Penn’s relationships with preferred providers and ensures quality. 

This document (revised July 29, 2020) provides guidance to the Penn community on the ongoing procurement of PPE and additional supplies related to COVID-19 safety. These items and product categories include face coverings, gloves, gowns, cleaners/disinfectants, signage, plexiglass shielding, etc.

Report Social-Distancing Non-Compliance

Any concerns, improvements or suggestions regarding non-compliance of social distancing may be reported confidentially here

Questions and Concerns

Students and postdocs with concerns about the School-based procedures can contact for students or for postdocs

Original COVID-19 Ramp-Down 

You can find the original research ramp-down, continuity plan and announcements from March 2020 here.

School/Center Research Resumption Plans

Schools Which Will Resume On-Campus Research at a Later Date

  • Stuart Weitzman School of Design
  • Wharton School
  • Carey Law School
  • Annenberg School for Communications
  • School of Social Policy & Practice