Terrence Jewell

2023, Ph.D., Economics, Clemson University
2018, M.A., Economics, Clemson University
2017, B.A., Business Administration, The University of Georgia

Ph.D. Dissertation Title:
Essays in Urban Economics

Ph.D. Thesis Advisor:
Curtis Simon, Ph.D.

Postdoc Research Topic:
Machine Learning And Police Reform: Use policing data from Dallas and Seattle to improve our understanding of what causes police confrontations and escalations. The project will use machine learning methods to explore the characteristics of police partners to see whether they have an impact on whether an incident escalates. The project will also assess whether there are important external factors, like economic conditions, time of day, calendar effects, or weather, that influence the likelihood of negative incidents.

School & Department:
The School of Arts & Sciences, Economics, Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics (PCPSE)

Penn Faculty Mentor:
Hanming Fang, PhD