Mentor Responsibilities

Thank you for your interest in mentoring a Postdoctoral Fellow for Academic Diversity at the University of Pennsylvania and/or Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • Prior to writing the letter the proposed mentor should meet or engage with applicants to determine compatible research interests and agree to act as his/her mentor
  • The mentor should work with the applicant to ensure that the scope and goals of their research plans are appropriate given the current evolving circumstances of the pandemic.
  • The letter included in the applicant’s submission should provide details on the postdoc’s research project, research goals and your plans for mentoring.

Mentor Responsibilities:

  • In consultation with the applicant, develop an Individual Mentorship Plan (IDP) shortly after the fellow’s arrival on campus. The scope of the mentoring plan should be appropriate given the evolving circumstances of the campus life during the pandemic.
    • IDP should define expectations for scholarly work to be completed
    • IDP should include a timeline for implementation of the Fellow’s proposed goals or plan
  • Schedule meetings to review IDP and review fellow’s accomplishments
  • Serve as a bridge to the fellow’s host department/colleagues
  • Facilitate professional development opportunities for the fellow
  • Serve as a professional resource to the fellow

Once the applicant has completed his/her submission, you will receive an email requesting that you login and upload your Mentor Letter.

Please note the following:
The email request will be sent from:
The subject line will be:  APPLICANT NAME Fellowship Support Letter for Penn/CHOP