Trina Kumodzi

Trina Kumodzi

August 26, 2020
Education: PhD:  University of Virginia B.S.N. Barnes-Jewish Goldfarb School of Nursing B.A.   Barnard College PhD Title:  Violence in St. Kitts and Nevis: A Retrospective Analysis of Homicides 2000-2018 PhD Thesis Advisor: Ishan C. Williams, PhD, FGSA Postdoc Research Topic: Violence Prevention UPENN Department: School of Nursing and Penn Injury Science Center Penn Faculty Mentor:...

Camille Gaynus

October 10, 2019
Education: PhD Biology Hampton University BS Marine and Environmental Science PhD Thesis title: Environmental and biotic controls affecting recruitment and proliferation of algal turf communities in coral reef systems PhD Thesis Advisor: Peggy Fong  Penn Department: Biology Penn Faculty Mentor: Katie Barott  

Fany Iseka

October 10, 2019
PhD Dissertation Title: Requirement of EHD Family of Endocytic Recycling Regulators for T- cell Function PhD Thesis Advisor: Hamid Band, MD, PhD UPENN Dept: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Penn Faculty Mentor: Jorge Henao-Mejia, MD, PhD

Katrina Wisdom

November 12, 2018
Education: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering; Stanford University M.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Stanford University B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Duke University Thesis Title: Extracellular matrix mechanical plasticity regulates breast cancer invasion through confining microenvironments Thesis Research Advisor: Ovijit Chaudhuri Penn Department: Bioengineering Penn Mentor: Jason Burdick

Cacey Bester

November 12, 2018

Monica Do

November 12, 2018
Education: Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Southern California, 2018 M.A. Linguistics, University of Southern California, 2014 B.A. Linguistics, University of Southern California, 2011 Thesis Title: How to Think Before You Speak: Getting from Abstract Thoughts to Sentences Thesis Research Advisor: Dr. Elsi Kaiser Penn Department: Psychology Penn Mentor: Dr. John Trueswell

Javier G Lavin

November 12, 2018
Education: 2018 PhD, Philosophy, The Graduate Center, CUNY 2016 MA, Philosophy, The Graduate Center, CUNY 2016 MPhil, Philosophy, The Graduate Center, CUNY 2012 BA, Philosophy, The College of Charleston 2012 BS, Psychology, The College of Charleston Thesis Title: The Fragmented Mind: Why working memory cannot implement consciousness. Thesis Research Advisor: Jesse Prinz Penn Department: Philosophy...

Jalil M. Bishop

November 12, 2018
Education:  2018, Ph.D  Higher Education University of California, Los Angeles 2015, M.A. Higher Education and Organizational Change, University of California-Los Angeles 2014, B.A. History, Dartmouth College Thesis Title: A Critical Case Study on (Anti) Blackness, Geography, and Education Pathways in Twinsburg, Ohio. Thesis Research Advisor: Dr. Walter Allen Penn Department: Graduate School of Education –...

Meagan Elinski

November 1, 2018
Education: 2018, PhD Chemistry, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 2013, BS Chemistry, Hope College, Holland, MI PhD Dissertation Title: Tailoring Surface Forces to Control the Frictional Properties of Graphene PhD Thesis Advisor: James Batteas Postdoc Research Topic: Anti-wear (AW) Tribofilm Formation Penn Department: Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Penn Faculty Mentor: Rob Carpick  ...

Janeria A Easley

July 23, 2018
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