Ben Baker

ben baker

Ben Baker

September 3, 2020
Education: 2020, Ph.D.  University of Pennsylvania – Philosophy 2014, J.D. Yale University 2010, B.A. Brown University PhD Title: Cognition in Nature: Information, Explanation, and Embodiment PhD Thesis Advisor:  Gary Hatfield and Lisa Miracchi Postdoc Research Topic: Philosophy of Neuroscience, with a focus on the neural-bodily dynamics of movement UPENN Department: Neuroscience Penn Faculty Mentor: Konrad...

Meg Guliford

September 2, 2020
Education: Ph.D.  Tufts University M.S. Harvard Kennedy School – Masters in Public Policy B.A. University of Pennsylvania PhD Title: Willing and Able: Explaining the Effects of Intervention on Violence Against Civilians PhD Thesis Advisor: Dr. Katrina Burgess Postdoc Research Topic: Explaining the rise of norms about civilian victimization within the Frente Farabundo Marti para la...

Tianna Barnes

September 2, 2020
Education: 2020, Ph.D.  University of Minnesota – Business Administration 2015, B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Psychology PhD Title:   When Moral Identity Lapses: Extending Prosocial Behaviors Through A Social Moral Identity PhD Thesis Advisor:   Dr. John Kammeyer-Mueller Postdoc Research Topic Identity, Diversity, Morality and Stigma Penn Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew...
jamal green

Jamaal Green

August 31, 2020
Education: Ph.D.  Portland State University M.A. UNC Chapel Hill B.S. – UNC Chapel Hill PhD Dissertation Title : Manufacturing in Place: Industrial Preservation in the US PhD Thesis Advisor:  Prof. Greg Schrock Postdoc Research Topic: Evaluation of varied assistance programs UPENN Department: Social Policy and Practice / Regional Planning Penn Faculty Mentor:  Vincent Reina

Lourdes Delgado Reyes

August 31, 2020
Education: 2019,PhD, Psychology, Developmental Science: University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK 2015, M.A., Psychology, Developmental Science: University of Iowa, Iowa City IA 2012, B.A., Psychology, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, San Juan, PR PhD Title:  Neurobehavioral Precursors of Executive Function in Early Development PhD Thesis Advisor: John P. Spencer, PhD Postdoc Research Topic:...
Daniel Blake

Daniel Blake

August 31, 2020
Education: 2020, Ph.D.  Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania 2011, B.A. Government, Cornell University PhD Title:  Recruitment and Career Experiences of Diverse Faculty Couples at AAU Universities PhD Thesis Advisor: Dr. Marybeth Gasman Postdoc Research Topic Exploring academic couple career choices and departure from faculty pathways UPENN Department: Higher Education Penn Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Hartley...

Aja Carter

August 31, 2020
Education: 2020, Ph.D,  Paleobiology from Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania 2014, B.S., Biology from Drexel University PhD Title: The Effects of Vertebral Morphology and Composition on Stem-Tetrapod Intervertebral Joint Functional Behavior PhD Thesis Advisor:  Peter Dodson Post doc Research Topic: Effects of Complex Vertebral Morphology on Whole Physical Agent Behavior UPENN...

Daria Atkinson

August 31, 2020
Education: 2020, PhD University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2015 B.A.  Carleton College PhD Title:  Filaments, Fibers, and Foliations in Frustrated Soft Materials PhD Thesis Advisor:   Gregory M. Grason and Christian D. Santangelo Postdoc Research Topic Geometry, topology, and elasticity of soft materials with internal structure UPENN Department: Physics and Astronomy Penn Faculty Mentor: Randall Kamien...

Christine Vazquez

August 28, 2020
Education: Ph.D.  Duke University MS Johns Hopkins University B.S.  Johns Hopkins University PhD Title:  Mechanisms of Innate Immune Regulation by the Hepatitis C Virus protease, NS3-NS4A PhD Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Stacy Horner Postdoc Research Topic: Host-virus innate interactions of emerging viral pathogens UPENN Department: Department of Microbiology Penn Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kellie Jurado

Nicole Sansone

August 26, 2020
Education: PhD:  Goldsmiths, University of London MA:   Goldsmiths, University of London B.A.   Colgate University (double major in English Literature, Art and Art History) PhD Title:  Sites of Sky: A Visual Cultures Analysis of Landscape Aesthetics in an Age of Virtual Ecologie PhD Thesis Advisor: Matthew Fuller; Josephine Berry (second supervisor) Postdoc Research Topic:...
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Congratulations to the Penn Dental Medicine Prosthodontics residents who officially became alumni!

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